Mountainside House

Mountainside House has seen six hundred kids from shelters over the past sixteen years. The Basic Center is for kids aged 13 to 18 years old. This program is designed for those who are looking for a place to stay for a much shorter period of time, from twenty-four hours to two weeks. These kids live in a structured environment, from a wake up time of 7:30AM to lights out at 10PM. On a normal weekday, the kids will: eat meals, attend classes right in the Mountainside building, do chores, attend group sessions and many other activities. On the weekends, the kids will also have the chance to experience community service right in local towns. The kids even have their own plot at the local garden that they take care of. Through these activities, they learn responsibility and learn to communicate well with others. Another important aspect of the Basic Center is the Family Reunification. Windsor County Youth Services believes that in the right situation, a kid should be able to work towards reconnecting with his or her family.

Windsor County Youth Services support kids through their Transitional Living Program (TLP), aged 16 to 22 for periods of up to 18 months. This is a long term program designed for teens and young adults looking to ease the process of going from a shelter to independent living. During their time at Mountainside, residents are encouraged to finish their high school education as well as develop life skills and become better prepared to find a career. The TLP kids share the house with Basic Center kids but have less structure and are given the opportunity to earn more independence. Like the Basic Center kids, TLP kids also attend group sessions together on certain nights.

All of the programs and both houses inspire each kid they see to communicate better, and push the kids to learn strong social skills and be able to live a healthy lifestyle. A stable, structured program accomplishes much of this. Many of the policies and rules at Mountainside and House at 20 Mile Stream create a calm environment that makes each child or teen feel comfortable. The rules also give guidance and help children understand the importance of strong values.

Mountainside House is located on Mill Street in Ludlow, Vermont.

Telephone: (802) 228-6880
Fax: (802) 228-4410

Vermont Coalition of Runaway Homeless Youth Programs